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Foto: Instagram/dr.evanantin
Poželećete da vodite svoje ljubimce baš kod njega.

Upoznajte Evana Entina iz Kalifornije, koji je sladak kao i njegovi pacijenti. Nakon što je počeo da postavlja svoje slike na Instagram, mnogi su se zapitali da li je on najseksi veterinar na svetu. "Pipl magazin" ga je čak proglasio "najseksijim šarmerom zverkom". 

Kao ekspert za životinje i veterinar za egzotične vrste, Entin je godinama putovao, kroz šest kontinenata kako bi lečio nemoćne životinje. Takođe, honorarno radi i kao model i lični trener. 

Ima preko 46.000 pratioca na Fejsbuku i skoro 70.000 na Instagramu, a kada pogledate fotke, biće vam jasno i zašto. Uživajte. 


This was originally a facebook post but it seemed to make a big impact, probably my biggest post to date! If you have any interest in elephants then please continue reading...I usually keep my posts positive on purpose, but this is something that is too important to me, so apologies for this sad post....but it must be shared. Did you know that most baby Asian ‪#‎elephants‬ in the tourism trade, ones that look just like this guy here, have gone through a process called "phajaan"? Phajaan is a term that means to crush the elephants spirit, or to separate the spirit from the body. As babies, they take them away from their mothers and put them in a tiny cage, big enough only for them to stand but not sit or move around at all. Then they're literally beaten, for days on end, in the most cruel ways possible. The elephant trunk is so sensitive, and it's how they eat and explore the world. But during phajaan, they'll often be encouraged to stick out their trunks to smell or investigate something, but then their trunks are beaten with bats and spears and whips. The elephants are deprived of food, poked with sticks and blades, kicked, and screamed at. They play terrible mind games with them. It's a truly awful, horrible thing. The idea, in the end, is to crush this animal's spirit so much that they are just an empty shell who will listen to every command...and then they are sold to tour operators for elephant rides and treks. Let's see how much we can get this post shared and spread the word with your friends and family...If you know someone going to ‪#‎SoutheastAsia‬ soon, share this with them, too. ‪#‎WorldElephantDay‬ #wildvet #vet

A photo posted by Evan Antin (@dr.evanantin) on

Objasnila psu da će dobiti "sestricu", njegova reakcija će vas ODUŠEVITI! (VIDEO)

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